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Russia's Covid Vaccine and Reactions by Other Countries on this

Russia has now been the first country to develop a Covid vaccine but let’s see how people are reacting in the world about this vaccine, so soon after President Vladimir Putin of Russia announced about this vaccine and also claimed that the

Dosage of that vaccine had also been given to one of his daughters and showed terrific results and will be a game changer in fighting COVID-19

So after this UK has released a statement that Russia had not clearly or transparently did all the trials of that vaccine so unless the trials are completely transparent and proven we cannot suggest that we will follow the Russian vaccine and

some institutions from the

US had also been very critical about this vaccine which Russia has developed and have shown a critical Point of you about the Russian vaccine,

So as you all know every country is into developing a successful vaccine and it is this kind of a business all of the countries and they are working day and night to develop a sustainable vaccine against biological weapon released by Time so if you look at the business point of view of this vaccine thing we must know that each and every country is in this race of developing The vaccine and to be the first so that they can sell its formula and can must produce to make huge profits out of it because every country would be needing that vaccine so it’s obvious that they are opposing or critically doing the vaccine developed by Russia because this may hurt the efforts other companies in different countries are putting towards fighting for this virus

Nearly $10 billion have been invested in the development of the vaccine and US and UK have been a major Front foot seekers

where vaccines are being tested and clinically tried so they wouldn’t want anyone else to develop it first other than themselves.

Also before giving a clean chit to the vaccine developed by Russia you must understand that it has to be safe in all terms and must not show any side-effect either in short-term or long-term to be effective and to appeal every country to use it.

Currently there are three vaccines which are being tried in India and their results will soon be out

and also Russia will allow civilian use of their vaccines by this by this week


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