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Top Most Dangerous Countries of the World

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

1. Afghanistan

Afghanistan is facing severe problems of Taliban insurgency , terrorism, poverty, corruption from many years. Afghanistan is not at all safe for tourists though some places like it's capital Kabul and cities like Bamiyan and Herat are termed to be comparatively safe places for tourists. But people who live there are continuously in fear of being homeless and fear of war since three decades due to such unrest in the entire country. Afghanistan is the least peaceful country in the world with a peace index of more than > 3.5 (highest in the world).

2. Syria

Syria a landlocked Arab country turned into a war zone when in 2011, the citizens demanded the resignation of their President Bashar al-Assad which led to an unrest in the country after which the civil war started and to this day more than half a million people have died in this unrest in Syria. Many countries participated in the war as an aid which turned out to be a bigger conflict and hence Syria is now a complete Warzone. 70% of the people in Syria live below poverty line starving for food and water everyday.

3. Somalia

Somalia is experiencing a civil war since the past two decades and ranked at no. 3 to be the most dangerous countries, it is most recently in 2019 that Somalia is prone to terrorist attacks anytime and anywhere, it is a crime and terrorism capital in the world with peace index of (greater than) >3.5. Somalia was established in the mid-19th nineteenth century. It is a Muslim country residing three main communities, government is exhausted with their Reserves and can do nothing to the brutal conditions of the residents.

4. Iraq

Iraq is one of the most dangerous country in the whole world with the emergence of Major terrorist groups there ‘Al-Qaida’, ‘Al-Jazeera’ and many other. It’s capital city Baghdad is the base for all the major terrorist training camps where terrorists are trained and infiltrated to the major parts of the world for Jihaad. Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq are the countries where Terrorism is supported and aided by their Governments. It is advised by the US for their citizens to not visit there, people are beheaded, murdered, killed, kidnapped daily.

5. South Sudan

The capital city of South Sudan is Juba which operates the country’s oil resources also south sudan is the newest country which gained independence from Sudan in 2011. Crimes such as kidnapping, carjackings, assaults, robberies, armed conflicts happen on a daily basis there. According to the FCO it is a forbidden to travel county making it one of the most dangerous countries to be. Also, recent conflicts made it a resources scarce region with mass killing of thousands annually.

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