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How These Habits Ruin Us (We need to Stop Doing This to Ourselves)

We all need happiness or happiness is all that we need?

This question has made many of us end up in the dilemma of making the right choice that pushes happiness away and the wrong choice that brings it. 

Our thrust for happiness often lead us to making choices that end up giving us only despair and anxiety.

While believing we are making the best for ourselves we make such choices every single day but the truth is we are only forming a negative structure into our brain which needs to be changed.

So here are a few habits we all possess that needs to be eliminated right away.


We constantly compare ourselves with others.

This happens, when we look at people and along with admiring them we feel pity of ourselves. We compare our career, wealth and success with someone who has faced entirely different environment than us and start being cruel to ourselves. By doing that we are insulting our talents, fear, passion and characteristics.

We can all have a different set of lifestyle and we must allow it.


We are less appreciating of what we have.

In every phase of life we forget to be thankful for what we have and we moon to the fact what things we are not having right now. This atitude of not appreciating what we have always kills the joy of little things and so it needs to be eliminated because being thankful is when we count our blessings and feel that we have enough to reach our goals and aspirations and what most people don't realise.

Count your blessings

Not your sufferings.


We often let heat, fear or danger control us

When we let this happen to us or brain rewires to produce anxiety within us.

This anxiety can develop a barrier to our dreams and the amount of anger we consume fills us with the emotions of pain and sorrow and that heat or fear bleeds out our happiness.

I know it’s not easy to just let it go but the most effective way to get rid of this or these emotions is meditation by practicing meditation you take out these things and throw them out of your life.


Lingering in the past or night-maring the future.

If you talk about reality we don’t have a past neither do we have future, the only thing we have is present and if you get control of this consciousness in your mind you will never miss the opportunities life is offering you. When you are engaged with your present you will not be absent from where you are and who you are with.

We all have some unresolved uncomfortable past that pulls us down whenever we want to go higher or we aim higher. But people don’t realise the fact that we can be happier and mindful if we just focus on this present moment and nothing else.

I see people feeling really anxious about what is going to happen in the next moment or the next day that means they are so much into their future they are just wasting their present thinking about the future which is something that never exists.

And we do it without realising that present is the same future we wasted our past thinking about.


We try to control what we can’t control.

It is a normal human desire that we want to take control of so many things in our life that we forget to understand that there are a certain things that should remain untouched and uncontrollable .

We must understand that it’s okay if things are not in our control because we can’t be perfect all the time we can’t predict what is going to happen and what's not to happen around us. None of us is the almighty we're all just human beings.

Yes we all have this desire taking control of what happens at the end but it only provides us bundles of stress and creating chaotic thoughts in our minds ending up with nothing in our hands.

We need to accept that World can’t always be what we dream of we can’t just keep fighting with the universe to give us the things we think are right for us.

If you do good deeds good things will surely happen and it is the nature who decides what portion is allowed to every human being.

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