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Signs That Show you are Your Phone's Prisoner

Social media apps are designed to hook you. Did anyone wonder why social media apps are free? It’s because we are not the customers and social media platform is not the product. Instead, the customers are the advertisers and the product being sold is our attention. Not only social media apps, but every application is also designed to manipulate your brain chemistry and draw addictive behaviours to hook you to come back every time. How to find whether you are addicted or not? Here are the three most important signs to find it out.

1. Losing track of time

When you start losing track of your time, like, when you don’t know how these many hours passed away while you were with your phone, this is a sure sign that you’re addicted to this idiotic machine. Early in the morning, you wake up seeing your phone, and at night you see your phone before going to sleep. This happens because, as I told you, every apps are created to hook up your attention. Just think how much others are valuing your attention and how much you are concerned about your own attention you’re giving to unwanted things.

2. Isolating yourself from your family and friends

When you couldn’t identify the difference between interacting online and in-person with someone, the problem starts here. Interacting online is not bad, but you should know your time limits and respect the person who is there with you in-person. Socially interacting with a person face-to-face, responding to their body language and making eye contact can surely make you feel better and relieve your stress in just a few seconds.

3. Mood swings without your phone

When you can’t reach your phone, you suddenly start to feel anxious, upset or short-tempered. When you couldn’t handle your mood swings, it is sure that you are a phone’s prisoner. And also, when your mood changes, for example, when you’re alone or bored, you reach out to your phone. This is also a sign that you are addicted to mobile. Moods play a vital role in addiction.

So, if you found out that you’re addicted and searching for a solution to get out of it, we also provide a solution to every problem of yours.

There is a solution to every problem in your life. It only takes a short span for you to understand and implement it. These steps will be effective only if you are determined to do and come out of this.

· Set time limits for using your phone. There are several apps available to limit your usage of the phone. Try installing these types of apps that benefit you.

· Turn off your phones during some time or at least switch off your notifications sometime during the day like while driving, eating, or, in a meeting, spending time with your family.

· Replace your phone with other social activities. If you’re feeling bored or lonely, instead of picking up your phone, try using that time for reading some books or playing with your friends at the ground or at least spend some quality time with your family.

· Remove time-consuming apps from your phone and access them through a device you don’t carry with you all day.

· Place some barriers beside your phone that force you to think about what you are doing. For example, set your lock screen as “Why now?” or “What for?”

· Set goals for yourself and focus on improving your passion. If you couldn’t control to limit yourself, you can try to focus on other essential things in your life. Like focusing on the things which you’re interested in or something which you love to do can make you divert from these addictions.

If you have tried all these steps and still couldn’t come out of this addiction, it’s time for you to ask out for help. It’s always okay to seek help when you are facing an issue to deal with yourself. Remember to take care of yourself. You can surely come out of anything that you wish to happen.

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