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Is there a Need of Happiness ?

Happiness is a state of mind where you are excited, positive, a feeling that makes us smile, a sense of being joy when we are safe, lucky or overpowered by positive emotions. A moment where we are free of all the negative thoughts, and energy when we don't have to worry about anything else.

Stress regarding work, personal life, social circle can produce lot of unhappy thought and over thinking. Their are things on which we have no control so why do you need to stress about it, why not just live in the moment.

happiness is important

I know it's hard to stay happy all the time specially when you have loads of work, hectic schedule and no time to relax, but can you imagine one's life without happiness? I mean even in the movies the protagonist who has struggled a lot will have a happy ending.

a woman being happy, you deserve happiness

Our happiness doesn't necessarily depends upon a person it depends upon the things we do. That's why we all need a hobby which can increase our interest, bring back old memories and cheer us up. It's proven when we stay happy it brings positive impact to our work and increase our productivity. Even if the work load is more don’t stress out just smile, easy yourself and try to think positive while working. The thing is that the life is too short to stay gloomy, and serious so why not live our lives to the fullest. One of the best way to stay happy is to eat your favorite food even it might gives to few extra kilos but what matters most is our happiness.

Nothing is more important that one's happiness no amount of money or materialistic things can bring that smile in your face. Never leave the smile on your face your smile it may not matter to many people around you but for you it's a symbol of your beauty, hardwork and that positive energy inside you.

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