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This Is How Depression becomes Contagious and Eats You

Yes, you read it right, depression is indeed contagious but unlike the common diseases that are spread through air or water, depression spreads through emotional connection. When was the last time your friend resided in you? when did he/she shared the hardships they are going through? Researches say depression can spread from one person to another when one of them is highly empathetic. When a person is empathetic towards another to an extent where he/she starts seeing themselves in the others position, they are likely to experience the same emotions as the other one.

This is what they call "shared depression".

How does social media influence in sharing depression?

Social media is the platform where people share their ideas and emotions, grievances and happiness. When you are scrolling through the phone you might come across various people and their virtues. This might trigger us to feel less and even start comparing ourselves to them. This can also aggravate depression. It isn't necessary that the person should be our friend, it can be anyone whom you know in person or it can also be someone distant. Even when people share their traumas and tragical experiences through social media, a person who has been through the same or who has been recovering from it are prone to get depressed. There are high chances for people with predisposed depression to even relive the experience.

• Does this mean social media should restrict people from sharing their agony?

Social media serves as a mere medium. Sharing an incident with people can be therapeutic. It might also help to recover from it. It is the high susceptibility of people who had /are having depression, has a family history of depression or has high empathy to another person, results in sharing depression.

• Does being in a relationship with a depressed person cause depression?

Yes and no , because if your partner is going through a lot it is natural for you to be empathetic but chances to experience depression are still less. You might share depression only if you are vulnerable to high empathy or if you have/had depression before( even any other untreated /underlying mental disorders). Being there for one another is the basic principle in a relationship. It is also important not to get carried away .Start analysing yourself and restricting yourself when it comes to emotional support. It is very important to get treated instead of preaching the depression away from your loved ones. Shared depression might spread not just through friends or partner , it can also spread from your family member, parents or even from a distant friend or relative.

How can it be treated?

We must know that depression is a treatable condition. Even surrounding ourselves with a group of happy people can elevate our emotional stability. It can bring more joy. Meditation and therapy is also another way to heal from depression. Meditating helps us to calm and realign ourselves. Taking a group therapy and seeking medical help will help us to recover from depression. Ultimately we should believe that depression, like every other condition, can also be treated.

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