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How Instagram harms your Mental Health (Stop! Immediately)

Internet is a bunch so many things and one big thing of the Internet world is Social Media

Over the past years social media has grown to billions and billions of users from around the world to connect, depict and to share what an people can offer,

these things of social media, now that it has grown so much, developed to be a great influencer of a individual's mind and that’s why social media has a great negative influence on people who are using it.

If we go with the research of United Kingdom of around 1500 people where, they were supposed to arrange different social media platforms according to the negative and positive influences in their mental state

Now if we talk about the results of that research, Instagram is termed to be the most negative influencing platform affecting peoples mental health. Now that people are more objective about their thoughts on social media the thing which has developed is that the world is shrinked into our devices, Instagram has everything from fashion models, to fitness, to picture perfect moments and travel photos. now that we have access to so much amount of influencing information people have developed the sense of stupidity in belief of the virtual world. which as a result is developed into negative influence and affecting our mental condition.

I am not saying that Instagram is completely negative influence but the thing we need to do is that we need to clean our Instagram as well as other social media platforms to stop this negative influence on our mental health because it may lead to depression anxiety and vague thoughts, we may not know about this negative energy but had been affecting us for a very long time. So we need to clean our social media platforms to just solve the main purpose of their presence which is connecting people and not developing mental health issues by the dark side of the Social.

Most of the youth on the social media is being affected daily and when a person is exposed to this month amount of negativity every single day it ends up as a mental health hazard, so we need to take a step forward for ourselves to make it useful rather than being a puppet of these social media platforms

Stop lying to yourself start now and make yourself so much worth that you become a distraction for others.

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