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Mistakes We do In Our Twenties

Our twenties is said as our prime years, time when we learn the most. It's also known as Golden Youth. At this prime time we are always told by our elders to be make wise decisions and take every step carefully. To make best use of this time and ya most importantly build up your career. Still we may make few mistakes you can say in peer pressure, to rebel against the norms, or because it's like a tradition that's happening for a long time period.

Our Gold Age

It all starts when we reach the age of 20 and above we all started to feel a kind of pressure if not from parents and society but within ourselves because since childhood movies or TV shows that the protagonist always becomes independent, mature and has a future planed or career when they reach their twenties. Which builds a picture our mind the this age brings up lot of expectations, excitements and experiences to learn. At this age everyone wants to get out of their shell and make their own identity and build themselves. And specially as a women living in India this age is a big step to freedom and also a step to prove their worth. Every girl in who is brought up in Indian culture is told what she has to do in their life. Their whole life is planned out by the family and society and sadly many of us are accept it.

Women in Indian Culture

Indian Culture which we say is diverse in nature is the one that works according to the traditions and customs. The role of women is the first thing that's decided and the most important one is to look live according to the society. I had a conversation with bunch of women in my neighborhood that were my mum's age and I asked with which mistake that they made in their twenties that they wish they had not done and most of them answered "should have completed the education", and "shouldn't have learnt to adjust just to be married". Then I asked the same questions to women in their forties. Their answer were bit similar that was " focused more on enjoying life than loading responsibilities of marriage and children", " if only our mother's had supported us to pursue our dreams more than pressurizing up to live according to the society's way". After that I had talked to women's in their thirties and ask them the same questions and the answers were " wish our parents should have told up that tolerating everything is not good", " to have a different career choice which doesn't identify as that only men can do that or its risky".

Women of every generation have their regrets but they are all related to same reason that is pressure of society.

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