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The Curse of the Priceless Diamond : Koh-i-Noor

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

The Koh-i-Noor or Kohinoor Diamond originated during the reign of Kakatiya dynasty from the mines of Golconda.

Koh-i-Nur was informed to be in the possession of Mahlak dev of malwa in 1306 AD

Now what the theories and stories from that time say is that the priceless diamond from the history comes with a Curse to its existence.....

" He who posses or owns this diamond will own the world and be the most powerful but one must also know the misfortunes it has to offer, unless it is worn by God or a women"

Over-viewing the history of this precious and rare diamond, all the kingdoms and empires this cursed diamond had been to, had collapsed one after the other.

The Kakatiya, The Mughals, The Tughlaqs, The Sikh, The Empire of Persia every empire collapsed after one another in suffering the curse of Kohinoor Diamond.

Its the curse which made the British army to present the priceless diamond to the Queen of British Empire, Interestingly after a while Prince Albert found a man and ordered him to cut the diamond to bring back it's shine reducing it to 106 carats (approx). After 4 Years Prince Albert found Mysteriously Dead said to be another misfortune of the diamond.

The effect of Curse can be seen by the fact that today the British Empire falls short in hand against once their colonies like USA and India, Those were Britishers who once ruled all over the globe with the strongest army and now stands nowhere to be seen.

Ancient rumors say the curse will only end if it comes back to the place of it's origin, as it belong there only by the desire of Nature and God. ( belongs in Telangana, India)


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