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What is a Pandemic Disease? WHO declared Corona Virus as a Pandemic and Israel's Antidote......

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

It’s been a couple of months since Corona-virus outbreak in China and now it has spread over 118 Countries of the World.

| A couple of Days ago WHO ( World Health Organization ) termed it as a pandemic disease which means it is SPREADING UNCONTROLLABLY OVER THE GLOBE.

No antidote has been developed till now various news are spreading around saying it is incurable or curable.

But Proper care and precautions can prevent it from spreading which needs to be adressed to the people out there.


Now comes China who recently declared the outbreak from the epicenter to be controlled with recovery of 70% of the people affected and record lowest no. of cases per day.

China comes out of the dark days by providing support to the affected areas.

China has failed to develop an antidote but has cured 70% if the people out of it with anti virus medications and immunity boosters to make the body fight the deadly virus.


Now Israel, the most secretly advanced nation of the world where it has claimed once that the scientists have successfully developed a Time machine and is secretly been involved in numerous operations of travelling in time. Strange !!!

Also, the stock market all over the World has drastically crashed several points and the top 10 richest persons have lost around $80 billion of their Net Worth since the outbreak of th deadly Corona-Virus

Be Safe from Corona-virus COVD-19

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